When a Workflow is completed will I be sent an email?

When a user completes a Workflow, by default all the Team members of the instance (who are added and manged via the Team section of MyMalcolm) will receive an email.

You can also configure other people to receive an email on a Workflow by Workflow basis.

To do this:

  • In MyMalcolm go to the Workflow section
  • Click Library and then click on the Workflow you wish to configure email alerts for
  • Then click "Configure" on the black horizontal navigation then "Email Answers" on the left hand vertical navigation
  • Click "add a new email address" to add a new recipient.
  • Note that you can also make a recipient conditional - this is very useful if you only want an email to be sent to a particular address when certain criteria on a Workflow are met.
Add a new email recipient in MyMalcolm

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