How do I embed a Workflow into my website?

It's quick and easy to embed a Workflow into your website or app. In the Library screen of the Workflow section of MyMalcolm click the three dots on the right hand side of the screen and select "Embed"

Quick link to Embed from the Workflow Library in MyMalcolm

This will take you into the Share section of MyMalcolm! Here you can choose the type of embed you want to create.

Create your embed in MyMalcolm
  • If you want to float your Workflow over your webpage in a widget launched from a button or drawer that hugs the side or top/bottom of the screen select Widget.
  • If you want to launch an overlay that contains your Workflow from your webpage choose the Overlay option.
  • If you want your Workflow to appear within a part of an existing webpage select the inline option.
  • Finally if you the page to redirect to the Malcolm! web hosted version of your Workflow when the embed tag is fired select Redirect. You may wish to use URL rules with this option otherwise the redirect will fire on all pages the Malcolm! master tag is present on.

Follow the create embed process through - the Workflow you came from will be preselected as the content you want to embed. You will be offered various styling and display options based on the type of embed you choose.

At the end of the process you will be supplied with the embed code that you can add to he site or app where you want the Workflow to appear.

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