How do I change my rating elements from percentages (%) to stars?

In addition to the default "Did this help you? Yes/No" percentages style of rating you can now alternatively switch to a star rating system where your users can rate content from 1 to 5 stars.

Star ratings in Malcolm!

The system used is set in the Settings section of MyMalcolm under FAQ or Workflows - look for the "Feedback ratings" area. You can switch between the two methods of rating whenever you wish and you can also use different rating systems for FAQs and Workflows.

Because rating content 1 to 5 stars is a bit more linear than a simple yes/no in response to "Did this help you?" we apply some logic behind the scenes when switching between rating styles. A "Did this help you? - No" is equivilent to 2 stars and a "Did this help you? - Yes" is equivilent to 5 stars, which slightly upweights positive feedback.

Don't forget you can change the colours of your rating elements too. See here for more details on how to do this.

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