How can I use Stripe with Malcolm! to collect payment from my customers?

Malcolm! now integrates with Stripe. Stripe is a payment service provider that enables business owners to collect payment from their customers.

Stripe and Malcolm!

With our Stripe integration you can create Workflows in Malcolm! that include fields for your customers to enter their card details and pay for things like products, services, memberships etc or perhaps make a donation towards something.

Here is how to set things up:

  1. If you don't already have a Stripe account create one here

  2. In MyMalcolm go to the Settings, then Workflows, then Integrations, then click on Stripe

  3. You'll be taken to a page on the Stripe website where you can login and confirm that you wish to link your Stripe account to Malcolm!

Connecting Stripe to Malcolm!
  1. Once you have linked your Stripe account you can create Workflows via the Workflow section as usual and place payment related elements onto those Workflows. Two particular elements to pay attention to are Currency and Payments
Currency and Payment elements in MyMalcolm

Payments is the element where your customer will provider their card details. You can configure the amount your customer is charged via the Payment element settings, or you can optionally ask the customer to enter their own amount via the Currency field - this can be useful in scenarios like donations or account payments where you may wish to offer the customer the choice of the amount to pay.

Settings for the Payment element in MyMalcolm
  1. If you also collect your customers email (and Name) in the Workflow you can optionally use that information to send them a payment confirmation email. You can configre and customise this via the Payment element settings.
Configuring payment confirmation emails in MyMalcolm
  1. You can place the Payment element on any page of your Workflow, but the actual payment transaction will not be attempted until the final submit of your Workflow. If there is a problem with the payment details your customer will be returned to the page with Payment element on it and given a chance to update their details and proceed back through the Workflow.

You can see a video walkthrough below.

And there you have it! Taking payments via Stripe is a really powerful and quick to implement feature of Malcolm! Workflows. Taking payments will also work when the Workflow is surfaced via our embeds, widgets and overlays too! If you have questions or need a hand setting things up just contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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