Can users save Workflow progress and complete later?

It can be very useful to give your users the option to save progress on a Workflow and come back to complete the rest later. It's especially helpful if a you have built a long multi-stage Workflow like an application form.

You turn this feature on in MyMalcolm - go to the Configure screen of each individual Workflow.

Turn Resume Workflow on in MyMalcolm

When turned on users will see an option to "Finish Later" at the bottom of each Workflow screen. When clicked this will bring up an overlay asking them to enter their email address. A unique link will then be emailed that when clicked will take the user back to the same stage of the Workflow they were previously at.

Finish Later option on a Workflow

If you need to retrieve these links (for example someone completing the form didn't receive or has lost the email with the resume link in) you can also get to the link via the Completions area of the Workflow section of MyMalcolm - click the link under "Resume link" to copy the URL your clipboard.

Workflow Completions in MyMalcolm

Please enter a valid email address.

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