Can I link to a Workflow when a user rates content?

When a user rates your FAQ or Workflow you may wish to link to a Workflow from the rating area to collect more detailed, specific information. That Workflow could in turn pass data to your other systems (eg ticketing systems or CRM) via an Integration or Webhook.

This feature can be used in combination with, or as an alternative to, the feedback comments feature.

You can enable this functionality for FAQs and/or Workflows via Settings --> FAQ --> General or Settings --> Workflow --> General respectively.

Post feedback Workflow configuration in MyMalcolm

Here you can choose the Workflow linked to when the user gives feedback.

The default copy for the link text is "Submit additional feedback" but you can change that via the language file - details on how to do this here.

If you are going to enable this feature it may make sense to turn feedback comments off so all comments are captured in your Workflow. We also recommend you turn off the feedback on the individual Workflow you use for the post Workflow feedback (via the configure tag of the individual Workflow in question). This will avoid the user being asked for feedback on the feedback!

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