Can I collect the email address of a user when they leave feedback on an FAQ or Workflow?

It can be very useful to offer the ability for a user to leave their email when giving feedback on an FAQ or Workflows so you can follow up with them.

You can turn this feature on for FAQ's and/or Workflows via Settings --> FAQ --> General or Settings --> Workflow --> General respectively.

Leave Feedback email address option in MyMalcolm

You can enable it for all feedback or just for negative feedback. The default wording shown to the user is "If you'd like a follow up to this comment please leave your email address" but you can change this wording via the language file - see here for more details.

If the user has left an email address, there will be a "click to email" icon displayed next to the feedback in MyMalcolm.

If you'd prefer a user to complete a Workflow when they rate content see this FAQ.

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