Can I change the path or base URL of my hosted hub pages?

As you are probably aware you can configure the Malcolm! hosted hub to use your own custom domain - see here for further details - but sometimes you may wish to change the part of the URL that comes after your domain.

By default your FAQs live at /faqs and your Workflows at /workflows

You can now choose from some alternative "base URLs" in the Settings area of MyMalcolm. Visit the FAQs or Workflows sub section respectively to choose an alternate URL for each content type. This feature may be particularly useful if you are using Malcolm! for more general content (eg how to's) rather than questions & answers.

Changing base URL in MyMalcolm

By default we mark up your FAQ hosted hub content using the FAQPage schema. This is useful for search engine results. If your content is more general in nature you may prefer to change the schema used to WebPage. You can also do this from Settings --> FAQs.

Changing Schema type in MyMalcolm

See below for a video walkthrough of changing your base URL:

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