Can I change the order in which FAQs are shown when a user browses a category, tag or author listing?

You can change the order your FAQs are sorted in when your users view by author, category or tag via Settings --> FAQs --> General.

Author, category and tag sort order in MyMalcolm

In addition to this you can also set an absolute order for FAQs within a particular category. To do this go to the category in question in FAQs --> Categories and select Reorder. You can then drag the FAQs to create the order you want.

Reorder the FAQs in a category in MyMalcolm

Note that these settings only affects listings, not searches. Searches are ordered by relevance.

If you want to be able to set an absolute for FAQs within an author or tag listing the way to do this is to set the date sort option, then in the individual FAQ configure tab use the display date to determine an order. The FAQ with the most recent date will be shown first in an author, or tag listing - and also in a category listing unless overridden using the absolute method above. The FAQ with the second most recent date will be shown second and so on.

Display date in FAQ configure tab

Note that if you set the display date to invisible either globally in Settings or individually on an FAQ's configure tab the date won't show on the front end to your customers/users but the date you set will still be relevant in determining the order in which the FAQs displays.

See the video below for a walkthrough

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