What are labels in MyMalcolm?

Labels are free form text descriptions that you can attach to particular FAQs or Workflows in your Library. They can help you organise your FAQs or Workflows. For instance you could create a label called "Needs Update" and attached that label to FAQs of Workflows that you know are out of date.

To create and manage your labels first go into the FAQ or Workflow section within an instance in MyMalcolm. Then select Labels on the black horizontal bar. Note that labels created within FAQ or Workflows are unique to that section. They don't span sections. If you wish to use the same labels in both sections you will need to create the label in each section.

You apply created labels to FAQs or Workflows via the Library. Select the FAQs or Workflows you wish to add the label to by checking the respective check boxes and then click the label icon and clicking the label you wish to apply.

Labels will only be seen by you and other members of your instance Team. They won't be seen by your customers.

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