How do I use Zapier to connect Malcolm! to other applications or services I use?

Malcolm! now plugs into Zapier. Zapier is an integration platform - it connects thousands of apps to other apps/

Malcolm! plugs into Zapier

In the context of Malcolm! this means that when a Workflow is completed you can use our Zapier integration to route some or all of the data that has been collected from that Workflow through into Zapier and then in turn onto thousands of other apps or services.

Here is how to set things up:

  1. Firstly set up and publish a workflow in Malcolm! that collects the data you wish to move into other applications.

  2. In MyMalcolm go to the Settings Section, then Workflows, then Integrations, then click on Zapier.

Zapier in Malcolm! Integrations
  1. In the overlay you'll have an option to choose some featured popular Zapier / Malcolm! integrations or to proceed to to create from scratch.
Make a Zap in MyMalcolm
  1. Sign up for an account at Zapier if you don't already have one - it is free - or login if you do have an account.
Malcolm! on Zapier
  1. Your trigger app should be Malcolm! and you want it to trigger on a new Workflow completion so hit "Save + Continue" once you have selected this option.

  2. You now need to connect your Malcolm! instance to your Zapier account - click "Connect an Account" and follow the instructions. Once connected click "Save and Continue".

  3. Choose a workflow then "Continue".

  4. Wait for a sample to load and then click "Continue".

  5. Choose an action App of your choice and configure as required - the exact process will vary from action App to action App but you are likely to need to agree some permissions and choose some options. Once done click "Save + Continue" or "Finish".

  6. You will then be able to name your Zap and choose whether it is on or not.

  7. Back in MyMalcolm, if you find the Workflow you used in your Zap in the Library, select it, then go to Configure then Integrations you should be able to see Zapier has been added. You can turn the integation off here if you want and/or configure it to be conditional (for example to only run when certain choices have been made on a Workflow).

Remember that Malcolm! always stores your data (which you can download anytime) - so if Zapier goes down or your integration doesn't seem to work properly no data will be lost.

We are hugely excited about the possibilities opened up via Zapier - we hope you are too! If you have questions or need a hand setting things up just contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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