How can I password-protect my hub with Memberstack?

Malcolm supports using Memberstack to password-protect your content.

This guide will help you set up Memberstack.

First go to MyMalcolm > Settings > Instance > Visibility and toggle the option to use a third party service for Hosted Hub password protection. This automatically enables the built-in password protection.

Choose Memberstack from the dropdown

Next, from the Memberstack Dashboard, go to Dev Tools > Add Integration.
Choose a name for your integration.

Add a new custom SSO Integration

Copy the Redirect URI from MyMalcolm and paste it into Memberstack.

Cut and paste this into Memberstack

Then, in Memberstack, press Add Integration.

Once created, in Memberstack click the Edit button next to the Integration and copy the Client ID and Secret Key.

Obtaining the Client ID and Secret Key from Memberstack

Paste these values into the boxes in MyMalcolm.

Add your credentials from Memberstack here

Save the settings on both sides and you should see your Memberstack login page appear in your Hub.

Hosted Hub login using Memberstack SSO

Attributes from your Memberstack users can be pre-populated in Malcolm! Workflows. To enable this feature choose a suitable field on a Workflow, edit the field settings and enable "Allow a value to be set in the URL query". Enter one of the two attributes name or email to pre-populate those values directly into your Workflow.

Please enter a valid email address.

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