Can I translate or change the system text and labels my users will see?

In addition to the FAQ and Workflow content that you create in MyMalcolm you can now change all the system generated text and labels your users see and interact with in the front end of Malcolm!

This means you could, for example, completely translate all the parts of Malcolm! your users will see into a different language.

The majority of the system text is stored and changed within your theme. Themes live in the Brand section of MyMalcolm.

Quite a few bits of system text can be changed contextually as you browse around the sections of your theme, however for the complete list of text you can change go to the "advanced" tab. Here you will have access to your custom language file. The language file stores any changes to the default system text. You'll see any changes you've already made in the other parts of the theme interface reflected here.

Edit your language file in MyMalcolm

At the bottom of the screen you will see two buttons.

  • Show dictionary - this will show you a complete list of system text items with some further information about where the text is used

  • Show language file - this will show you all the default values for system text

You can copy the key and default value for a bit of text, paste it into the custom language file window and then edit it. The part you want to change is on the right hand side.

For example, if you wanted to change the text next to the send FAQ by email functionality to be "Please email me" you would add the following to your custom language file

"Heading: Email this answer": "Please email me",

Please note that a few items of system text your users will see are configured elsewhere in MyMalcolm:

  • The default values, placeholder text, validation message, tooltip title and descriptions used within Workflows are configured in the Workflow builder - you click on the content element when it's been placed on a page in the builder to edit these items

  • Window titles and button text for Embeds are managed within the visual style section of the respective embed in the Share section (although you can change the default values used via the language file)

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