Can I restrict some or all of my Team members from seeing and/or exporting submitted Workflow data?

Sometimes you may wish to use Workflows but restrict other Team members on your instance from having access to the data that is submitted by your end users.

Here is how to do this

  • Access is managed via the "Team" section of MyMalcolm.

  • In that section if you click on a Team Member then select "privileges" you can configure whether a user can see and/or export submitted Workflow data. You can even remove all their access to the Workflow section.

  • Depending on their settings the Instance Owner and some Team Members may also receive submitted data via email alerts. See more about managing email alerts here.

  • Regardless of their own preferences Team Members won't receive email alerts relating to Workflow completion if they don't have access to Workflow submitted values and exports.

Some related things to be aware of

  • Remember that on a Workflow level further email recipients can be added in the "email answers" part of the configure section of the individual Workflow - it may make sense to review this recipient list at the same time you review who on your team has access to end user submitted data.

  • Be aware that if you are pushing some or all of the submitted data to third party systems via Integrations or Web Hooks then submitted data will potentially be viewable by users in those systems.

We recommend that you review this article to read about GDPR and how it applies to Malcolm! and your users.

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