Can I change the sender and email address in the emails Malcolm! sends my customers?

Malcolm! can send emails to your customers/users in the following situations:

  • Workflow email answers where you have configured the email answer to be sent to the email address specified in the Workflow
  • Email this answer functionality on an FAQ
  • Sending the resume later Workflow link
  • Payment confirmation email

By default these emails come from the sender "Malcolm!" with the email address You can now change this by connecting Malcolm! to your Mailgun or SendGrid account.

To do this, goto Settings --> Instance --> Emails and toggle Custom email sending to be active. You can then supply your Mailgun or SendGrid credentials and specify your desired sender name and email address.

Adding MailGun or SendGrid credentials in MyMalcolm

You can also change the look and feel of these emails - please see this FAQ for further details.

Please enter a valid email address.

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