How do I write a good Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)?

Some top tips for writing a good Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) include:

  • Think like your customers and try to phrase your title in a way a real customer would ask you a question

  • Use the brief summary area to provide the initial answer - this is what customers will see in search results and when browsing FAQs

  • For the full answer you can repeat the Brief Summary information but go into more detail

  • Try and be concise and punchy with your answer - it can be useful to break up the text with subheadings and bullet points

  • Don't repeat information if it's available elsewhere - better to link to that information! For example if you have an FAQ answering "What times are you open?" and your opening hours are on your main website your answer can simply be "Our opening hours can be seen on our website here" and you can add a link

  • If you have images or media (eg a YouTube video) that can help with an answer don't be afraid to include it in your answer - Malcolm! fully supports this and customers love it!

  • Remember to use tags and categories as that will help your customer find their way to the FAQ

  • Use the feedback option in Malcolm! as that will let customers tell you if the content is useful or not. Regularly review the feedback you get in MyMalcolm!

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