Can I turn off automatic email alerts?

Malcolm! will automatically send you email alerts when certain activity happens on your instance, such as a user leaving feedback or a Workflow being completed. Wherever possible we aggregate these alerts so you receive fewer emails but if you'd rather not receive them you can easily turn them off.

To do this, from the MyMalcolm control panel area, click your name at the top of the screen where it says "Logged in as"

Logged in Navigation in MyMalcolm

You'll then be taken to your personal preferences. If you select the "Notifications" tab on the left you'll be able to edit the notifications you receive. Remember to hit "Save" once you are done!

Manage your notifications in MyMalcolm

Note that your notificatons are based on an instance. If you are a user on more than one instance you should first switch to the instance you wish to adjust notifications for. You can do this using the drop down selector at the top right of the screen. You can therefore have different notification preferences for different instances. The notificiation preferences you choose are personal to you and will not affect the notifications of other team members on an instance.

If you are the owner of an instance, you can edit the notifications members of your team receive. To do this go to the Team section, click on the name of the team member in question then select notifications. Remember to hit save when done. Also note than you can assign the permission for a team member to be able to edit other team members notifications via the permissions tab.

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